mother & daughter duo

Khadijeh Ahmed


Khadijeh grew up with thirteen siblings in Iraq. As a little girl, Kad would weave together flower crowns and sell them to local wedding stores in Iraq. Seeking adventure, Kad moved to Canada alone at just 19 years old. Kad worked early mornings and late nights at fast food restaurants, saving money to bring her family from back home. Ka had larger goals for her life and began a small store called "Unique Chic" where she would bead average purses and bedazzle them to look extravagant. Later on, Kad expanded her small business to what is now known as Frenzy Decor. With this store she expanding to jewellery, accessories, and home decor. After selling that business, Kad decided to use her fashion expertise to design jewellery. Which brings her to where she is today.  

Hanna Erci


Looking up to her mother Hanna was always astonished at her work ethic. With that being said, Hanna used the work ethic examined off of her mother and manipulated it into her own work. While balancing her life as a high school student by day and a jewellery designer by night, Hanna enjoys her mothers company and the two are inseparable. 


"I look up to my mother because it's not everyday you see a single-mother build herself up as such a successful and 

high-achieving role model."

-Hanna Erci