Santorini Design was founded in 2015 by Khadijeh Ahmed. In later years, her daughter, Hanna Erci would join her entrepreneurial journey. The company started out as a wholesale manufacturing company which distributed jewelry internationally. In later years, Khadijeh Ahmed would evolve the company to sell directly to the public as a retail chain. Now, the mother & daughter team work tirelessly to grow the brand with efforts to open future stores near you!

The two women would eventually expand into their Werith line which features more precious metals starting at 14K Solid Gold - 21K Solid Gold. Werith (ورث) means "inheritance" or "inherited" in Arabic. When selecting a name for their new line, Khadijeh and Hanna were determined to find a name that would honour their middle eastern culture & background. The name Werith represents the monetary and sentimental value that our fine jewelry pieces hold. With the hope that these pieces may be passed down to future generations.


Khadijeh Ahmed

Khadijeh Ahmed is the founder of Santorini Design. With over 20 years in business, Khadijeh has founded multiple start-up businesses. Currently, Khadijeh withholds an active role alongside her daughter within the company.

Chief Product & Operations Officer | Head of marketing

Hanna Erci

Hanna Erci currently works as a Chief Product & Operations Officer and Head of Marketing within Santorini Design. Hanna works to ensure Santorini Design brings in the best products on the market with materials that ensure long-lasting wear. Hanna also works to ensure our consumer are aware of products and changes within Santorini Design through social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Google, etc...