How to Clean Stainless Steel

Do not use any chemical concentrate to 'clean' your stainless steel jewelry - as it cannot be chemically cleaned. You may use a microfiber cloth to remove body oils - restoring some shine to the product.

How to Clean Sterling Silver

You may use a microfiber cloth to clean all Sterling Silver Pieces. Sterling Silver concentrate should not be used to clean Gold Vermeil. Gold Vermeil may be cleaned by simply using warm soap and water. Pure Sterling Silver may be cleaned using Sterling Silver concentrate (remember to wash off the concentrate thoroughly to avoid tarnishing). Visit us in-store to explore our professional Sterling Silver & Gold Vermeil cleaning services.

How to Clean Solid Gold

Pure Gold may be cleaned using our in-store service. Microfibre Cloths are also a good remedy to clean genuine gold. Another option is to use warm water & soap to clean your products. It is best to avoid baking soda, commercial metal cleaners, toothpaste, or bleach to clean your products.


Ocean Compatible

All of our pieces are ocean-friendly and do not tarnish when being worn in the Ocean.


Chlorine has the ability to deteriorate Gold, Sterling Silver, and Stainless Steel. It is good to exercise caution when wearing any jewelry in pools, and especially hot tubs. With that being said, depending on the care, it is generally safe to wear your products in water containing chlorine.


Continuous exposure to perfume & cologne can effect jewelry due to the oil and chemicals contained within perfume. It is advised to spray perfume or cologne PRIOR to wearing your jewelry to maximize the continuous shine & glimmer.